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(DECEMBER 1 - 2)

For the second edition ofSIERRA ADVENTURE,THRIPS FOSSIL has designed, together with the official Yamaha dealerMALAGA MOTOCENTER, a route that takes place in a spectacular territory. On this occasion we have looked for a particularly mountainous and fun terrain, we will cover Malaga territory crossing some spectacular mountain ranges. The route is open to all brands.

The City Council of ARCHIDONA, is at our side providing us with all the necessary infrastructure. The paddock will be located in the (location pending).

​There will be a bar counter that will offer drinks and food throughout the event.


The route has an approximate length of 260km. Due to this and the fact that at this time of year the days are short, you will have to take advantage of the day and not get too distracted if you want to complete the entire route. In any case, you have support roads to connect to the paddock if you are too late or too tired.

The route is very fun and varied, you will not stop working on your motorcycle, and although it does not have very complex areas (trials), occasionally and depending on the type of motorcycle, it can be complicated, and therefore, there will be alternatives prepared for the MAXITRAIL route , although the TRAIL route and the ROADBOOK route will not have any alternative. These last two categories will have a common base, but the ROADBOOK route will have significant variations, in addition to containing, by concept, all the variety and complexity of a competition roadbook.

The route consists of a BONUS track of about 70 extra km, and to be able to do it you will have to arrive on time at the beginning of the section.


SIERRA ADVENTURE is an orientation route NON-COMPETITIVE. There is no classification by time, for that you must look for federated tests or amateur rallies. Therefore, we ask for the utmost respect to the rest of the participants who come to enjoy a tour specially designed to enjoy nature, orientation and driving the country motorcycle. If you do not agree with this concept, you can request your return before the indicated period.

Many times we do not think about others because we are very focused on driving our motorcycle and we are enjoying it to the fullest, but there are other users of the mountain and a sensitive environment that will always be affected by our passage, so we must try to minimize it as much as possible. that effect. When you find houses, cross urban centers or areas where there are people walking, reduce your speed and disturb as little as possible, avoiding skidding, acceleration or wheelies.

There is no rush, there are federated events to run AND COMPETE. Our concept for the design of the routes is to enjoy driving your motorcycle to the fullest, to offer ROADBOOKS in which you can train to compete in ANY RALLY (Dakar, Hellas, etc.) and enjoy exceptional places.

Think that the future of off-road motorcycles is in our hands. We can feel truly privileged to be able to circulate through these natural treasures with our motorcycles, so let's try to take care of it and maintain it and, above all, ensure that we can continue organizing events in this way. If there are protests from other users, the town councils and delegations will deny us passage.


REGISTRATIONS (until November 15th):


(Deadline for return November 10)


The distances between gas stations are not greater than 100 km in the worst case. You will have several indicated in the track and roadbook.


You can leave your motorcycle on Friday night in the paddock. 


MAXITRAIL/GPS, TRAIL/GPS and ROADBOOK. ROADBOOK participants must also carry GPS to be able to follow the departure and arrival links to the paddock.


- FRIDAY 1. Verifications and collection of documentation: 5:00 p.m.-8:30 p.m. There will be an area set up for company stands, to do so you must establish contact with the organization through the email

​- SATURDAY 2. The departures will begin at 7:30 in the morning in order of registration (ROADBOOK category first and 30 minutes later TRAIL and MAXITRAIL). 

The route ends at 6:30 p.m. At the end you must go through the control tent, collect your FINISHER medal and hand in your beacon and report your number.

After arriving at the paddock you can have a plate of rice. The paddock closes at 8:30 p.m.

​If you are out of time at any of the checkpoints, you will be off route and without assistance, therefore, you must return to the paddock. The broom car will divert everyone it encounters on the track onto the road. Passage controls are for security, they are not there to verify times. If you are too late you will not be able to continue the route, so the night will not catch you on the track.

​You must attend the general briefing, which will take place at 7:00 in the morning on Saturday the 25th, to be aware of all the latest information and the regulations. Not attending does not exclude you from compliance with the participation rules.

The teams will be made up, in the GPS category, of 4 pilots maximum and 1 minimum. ROADBOOK category pilots must participate individually, which does not exclude them from being grouped during the route (maximum 4 pilots).

​Those people who intend to take the route illegally will be exposed to controls by the organization and Seprona at points where authorization to circulate is necessary (in the vast majority they circulate through spaces where it is needed). Although the field belongs to everyone, in this event there are many hours of work by the organization, with volunteers who participate selflessly so that everything goes perfect. Therefore, it will be ESSENTIAL that you wear the SIERRA ADVENTURE number on the front of your motorcycle.

​You will find on the route the MOTOCENTER TENTassistance and provisioning, in which you will have basic mechanical assistance and energy bars, fruit, water or isotonic drinks. It will also have regular replacement material at special prices for participants and free labor, but it will depend on the degree of complexity of your breakdown whether or not it is feasible to repair your motorcycle on site.

The assistance cars are not there to repair punctures or breakdowns, for that you must be autonomous or go to the MOTOCENTER tent, where they will evaluate whether it is feasible to repair or not. You will be towed to the road so that your insurance can assist you, but the motorcycles will not be loaded on the cars, since, obviously, the route cannot be left without one less car without a justified reason.

FOSILTRIPS has RC insurance. Additionally, as a participant you will have accident and rescue insurance (including helicopter) for your safety. 

​The speed limits will be clearly established and exceeding them will automatically mean exclusion from the route. The beacon automatically records and uploads the data to the server, so no modification or human interaction will be possible.

​We recommend you bring a power outlet and/or external recharge batteries for your mobile. 

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