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(June 1 - 9)



An amazing trip through the most isolated and wild area of the Balkans. We will drive along incredible roads with little or no traffic, along the coast and mountains, and we will head into the Dinaric Alps on secondary roads that delve into the fascinating inner world of this isolated and unknown area.

Rivers with turquoise waters, mountains over 2,000 meters above sea level, and a tremendously interesting and hospitable culture, with exotic and delicious cuisine.

There are many mountainous tracks with stones and 180º slope turns, which cross incredible valleys and breathtaking landscapes. Roads such as the Kotor serpentine are repeated throughout the interior, both on the track and on the road, and thick coniferous forests populate the entire route.

We will provide assistance on the track and luggage transport. The bikes will be transported to and from Bari, in Italy, from where we will take a ferry to Durrës to start the first stage.

We will visit very attractive towns, full of nightlife and charm. Different religions coexist peacefully in these territories, forming an incomparable skyline.

Each pilot must be independent in GPS navigation.

The planned itinerary is:

- Day 2: Durrës - Podgoriça

- Day 3: Podgoriça - Zajblak

- Day 4: Zajblak - Novi Pazar

- Day 5: Novi Pazar - Prizren

- Day 6: Prizren - Valbone

- Day 7: Valbone - Teth

- Day 8: Teth - Durrës

The group will meet in Bari on day 1, taking the flight to here from the origin that each one chooses. In Bari we will pick up the motorcycles and board the ferry to Durrës that same day. We will arrive back in Durrës on the 8th, we will take a new ferry to Bari that same night and the next day we will take the flight home.

The motorcycles must be delivered and collected in Alicante, where the transport company that will take them to and from Bari is located.

PRICE: €2750

It includes:

- Ticket i/v ferry Bari - Durrës (in cabin 3-4 people)

- Motorcycle transport Barcelona - Bari i/v

- 6 hotel nights in MP

- Motorcycle guide

- Luggage transport van

- 4x4 track assistance

- Mechanical assistance

- Basic health care

- SPOT rescue beacon

Does not include:

- Travel insurance

- Gas

- Foods

- Bari plane ticket i/v

- Breakfast, lunch or dinner on the ferry

- Delivery and collection of motorcycles in Alicante

Maximum places: 15

Available: 10

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