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Upcoming COURSES:


Septiembre 8-10. 10 places. 6 av.

Qctober 20-22. 10 places. 10 av.

Upcoming RAIDS:

SIERRA ADVENTURE 2.0 (December 1-2)

200 places. Registrations October 1

Upcoming TRIPS:


Albania, Montenegro, Serbia and Kosovo on/off road. 10 places. 2 available.


Portugal offroad.

15 places. 10 available. Enduro.

LOST ROADS OE23 (October 6-14)

Morocco on/off road. 

15 places. 0 available. Maxitrail

TRANSMAROC (September 15-23)

Enduro. 15 places. 10 available.


Trail/Maxitrail YAMAHA.

Off road. 25 places. 20 available.

MONGOLIA (July 2024)

10 countries, 11,000 km

Road. 10 places. 4 available.

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Why travel with FOSIL?


At FOSIL TRIPS we are specialists in tailor-made and long-distance trips : North Africa, Portugal, Spain, the Middle East and Central Asia. We design our trips based on our previous experiences in the destination places, nothing stops us from reaching them, using whatever means are necessary. We carry our own infrastructure to be autonomous and set up our camp where there are no hotels or hostels.

Our travel philosophy does not include the usual tourist circuits . We want the traveler to be integrated into the culture and territory of the places we visit, and for this we provide the information that includes not only that related to the details of the itinerary, but also that necessary to understand, as far as possible, the keys to the geographical and ethnographic scenario so peculiar and suggestive in which we enter.
Our trips often make forays on tracks and roads, or are completely off-road trips, with the aim of reaching certain places outside the usual itineraries: an agadir, a mosque, a valley, a rare species of tree or flower, a small village, an oasis, a gorge of a river ... This is, for us, the true identity of the country . We have been serving the traveler for more than 15 years.

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