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Our travel philosophy does not include the usual tourist circuits. We want you to become part of the culture and territory of the places we visit, and for this we provide the information that includes not only that related to the details of the itinerary, but also that necessary to understand, as far as possible, the keys to the geographical setting. and ethnographic so peculiar and suggestive in which we enter.

We have many, many years of experience behind us. We know how to develop itineraries and, above all, how to adapt to the needs of the group at all times, as the traveler experiences sensations day by day. Our experience in training travelers on motorcycles on / off road allows us on each trip to complete and reinforce the driving technique and how to face the usual situations on the road.

At FOSIL Expedition Services we are committed to tourism that is respectful of cultures and the environment. Our idea as providers of tourist services is based on compliance with the principles of the CEMT (Global Code of Ethics for Tourism), approved by the UN in 2001. Hence our commitment to favor the training of our travelers as users of sustainable tourism to through constant and quality information.

We firmly believe that humility and sincerity is the foundation of any goal or objective. Our proposals are built on these principles. We want the pleasure of traveling with us to be unrestricted.

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Because we have been designing motorcycle trips for more than 20 years, and because we do it forPASSION.
Because, first and foremost, we are bikers, and our objective when creating routes is, fundamentally,
enjoy to the fullest on our motorcycle touring some of the most remote and attractive places on the planet.

And for this we always try to enter the interior of the areas that we will cross, because therein reside the keys that identify their true values and, therefore, will give us a more realistic image of those scenarios that we visit. To plan our routes, we always choose destinations that have really interesting attractions, whether anthropological, cultural or historical, although we always try to link each strategic point with an attractive route, which makes us explore the territory intensively to achieve it... But that is our greatest pleasure!!


Federico Gómez is a biker and passionate about travel and nature. He grew up in the biker environment of the 80s at the hands of his uncles, directors of the Motoclub Alcarreño in those years, and competed in the Castilla - La Mancha trial championship for several seasons.

He has been organizing routes, trips and expeditions in a professional way for more than 15 years in North Africa, Europe and Central Asia; by motorcycle, car or any other means of transport, and in all these years it has tried to transmit the essence of each place in the layout of its routes, covering all significant and determining aspects (geographical, ethnographic, gastronomic ...).

He always surrounds himself with the best professionals for each activity, so that each experience is unique and unforgettable.


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Telephone +34 608 799 942 - - Registered in the Andalusian Tourism Registry AT / SE / 00123

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