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(2-3 per year )
A full day in which we will learn some concepts and techniques that are very necessary for your off-road trips or going on the road and that we very often ignore.

We will study in depth, from basic to advanced level, all the necessary topics for you to learn to orient yourself with ease on your routes.

It is very easy to get lost on a trip, and to the extent that you are more or less removed from civilization and the terrain is more or less technical and / or dangerous, you will be taking risks that can be minimized to a great extent with good guidance. . You must know where to go and how to act in case of emergency or need.

The course agenda will be:
- Communication program with your gps: BaseCamp. Interface analysis.
- Installation of maps in BaseCamp.
- Installation of maps on your gps.
- Fundamental concepts: track, waypoint, route, resolution, profile, notes, etc.
- Creation and edition of tracks and waypoints.
- The importance of the interpretation of the tracks: Where does this track really take me? Should I just follow a "line"? Understanding and risk assessment. Previous analysis and interpretation of the territory.
- Navigation through waypoints.
- BaseCamp / Google Maps interaction. Satellite images as a fundamental complement in the preparation and verification of routes.
- Route through waypoints without a map.

Material needed for the course:
- Laptop with BaseCamp installed and OSM map installed (download installation tutorial )

PRICE: € 100 (meal included)


MAX SEATS: 15 Available

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