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500 km + Bonus Track through the winding roads of the Sierras of Málaga and Cádiz.
Curves and curves with an intuitive roadbook and an additional route book in which you will have the necessary clues to reach the hidden waypoints that you will have to locate.

MÁLAGA CENTER (Yamaha Málaga Dealership)




MOTORCYCLES ALLOWED: This event is open to all models and brands of motorcycles with a displacement greater than 125 c.c.


To participate in LOOPS Roadbook you have to register on the FOSIL TRIPS website. First you must fill out the form and make the payment, and once this is effective, we will send you an email confirming your registration and assigning you your number.

What your registration in LOOPS Roadbook includes:
- T-shirt
- Dorsal

- Route notebook
- Roadbook (digital or paper)
- Basic mechanical assistance in the closed park and provisioning tent.


(March 10)


On the 24th you must pass verifications in the paddock, from 4:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Our logistics base is located at the YAMAHA MÁLAGA MOTOCENTER dealership, in Málaga, where they will check your data, the motorcycle data (insurance, MOT, etc.) and we will give you your bib number, your route log and your road book (in digital format or paper).
Participants registered as drivers must be over 18 years of age and have the appropriate driving license for the motorcycle they drive. Those registered as passengers must be of age and have the necessary requirements to be able to legally travel as passengers on a motorcycle.
All participants must be equipped with appropriate protective clothing and equipment (helmet, gloves, boots and protective clothing).


LOOPS Roadbook is an eco-tourism route guided by a roadmap, and therefore, it does not have any sporting or competitive nature. The entire route runs along paved roads that are regulated by the applicable regulations in Spain. To participate in the event you must sign a document accepting the conditions and meeting the necessary technical requirements.
There will be a schedule to follow for your safety, but long enough to do the route without rushing and enjoying driving your motorcycle and the landscape.


At the verifications you will receive a route log per motorcycle in which you will find important information about the route: assistance and emergency telephone numbers, safety waypoints, waypoints of interest, Timetables for Passage Controls and boxes for sealing them.
It will also contain additional information about the waypoints that you must locate and photograph with the same framing as each point in the notebook itself.


The development of the route will not be announced. You can have some more information and see some images of it on the FOSIL TRIPS website and social networks.


Passage controls (CP) are established where your route book will be stamped. Each CP has an opening time, so no route book will be stamped before the specified time. The closing time of each CP will be established by one of the assistance vehicles, at their discretion and at the expense of the general situation of the route.


The GENERAL BRIEFING will take place on Saturday at 7.30 in the morning.

We will previously indicate your departure time to avoid crowds and be able to make the route calmly and without delays or waits.


The Roadbook will guide us and warn us about the details of the route, the dangers, its intersections, the gas stations and the points of interest that you will have to look for and photograph using the clues that your roadbook will offer you.


After passing the arrival arch you must park your motorcycle in the assigned area. You must go to check in and sign in at the FOSIL TRIPS tent, handing in your route book for verification and thus be able to obtain your LOOPS FINISHER medal.

Cancellation of registration:

Registrations can only be canceled until May 10. €5 will be deducted from the refund of the amount for management costs.
From this date and until one week before the event, you can transfer your registration to another person, to do so you must contact us.
The person who replaces you must register from the website to have all their information.

Event cancellation:

The organization reserves the right to cancel the event due to bad weather. In the case of suspension, a new date will be called.
If you cannot attend the new date, you can save it for the next edition.

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