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FosilTrips off road courses



We will teach you how to prepare your motorcycle and control it by positioning your body on it. We will face many different exercises that will provide you with the necessary foundation so that your routes and trips are a rewarding experience. Turns, slalom, logs, sand, speed bumps, ups and downs, emergency braking and other exercises make up a complete and necessary program for your off-road learning. 15,000 m² of obstacles of all types that reproduce the conditions you will find on the track.

Stay in a double room and full board...



Driving techniques, mental and ergonomic preparation... All the important aspects you need to go one step further in your technical level.

Good physical preparation will complement your training to fully enjoy routes and trips.

Skidding, wheelies, braking, balance...

FosilTrips off road courses
FosilTrips navigation courses



A complete weekend in which we will learn some concepts and techniques that are very necessary for your off-road trips or going on the road and that we very often ignore. It is very easy to get lost on a trip, and to the extent that you are more or less removed from civilization and the terrain is more or less technical and/or dangerous, you will be taking risks that can be greatly minimized with good orientation. . You must know where to go and how to act in case of emergency or need...

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