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(bimonthly except Infoca plan )
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We will teach you to prepare your motorcycle and to control it by positioning your body on it. We will face very different exercises that will provide you with the necessary base so that your routes and trips are a rewarding experience. Turns, slalom, trunks, sand, speed bumps, ups and downs, emergency braking and other exercises make up a complete and necessary program for your off road learning. 15,000 m² of obstacles of all kinds that reproduce the conditions you will find on the track.
It is essential to fix the basic techniques through repetition and correct execution and supervised at all times by the monitor. For this reason, a full weekend is necessary, dedicating the entire day of Saturday to exercising in a closed circuit, combining artificial obstacles with natural obstacles within the farm itself, and going out into the mountains on Sunday to check our real evolution. Full weekend with stay in bungalows or double rooms and full board.

On Saturday night we have a barbecue in which we discuss the strenuous but productive day on the circuit and study the route for the following day in the mountains. In the months of May, June and September, the pool is operational.

- Friday 7:00 p.m. Reception of pilots and general briefing of the course. Dinner
- Saturday 9:00 a.m. General recommendations on ergonomics and off road driving. Circuit practices throughout the day until 6:00 p.m.
Break at noon for lunch. In the evening, a barbecue where we will discuss how the day went and a relaxed briefing on the next day's route.
- Sunday 9:30 a.m. Route through the sierras of Málaga, based in Archidona, and in which we will put into practice all the techniques learned the day before. We will finish at noon with lunch.

Equipment: with your usual road clothes you can do the course. Short boots are not allowed. We will make some small modifications to your bike to improve ergonomics. If you want to purchase more specific equipment, contact us.

Once you make your place reservation you will enter the WhatsApp group of the course in which you have enrolled. In it we will solve all the doubts and we will give all the necessary information.

Why choose FOSILTRIPS?: because we have been teaching courses since 2010, establishing the necessary technical basis for future travelers, improving their safety and increasing their performance and riding pleasure. In addition to responding quickly and reliably when you have an accident, even in dangerous situations (with helicopter rescue included), because we are a 100x100 serious and reliable company.

PRICE: €400

- Practice day in closed circuit + m
ountain route
- Full board in a single roo
m (2 nights)

- RC insurance, assistance and rescue


MAY 17 - 19. MAX PLACES: 06 Available: 03

OCTOBER 4 - 6. MAX PLACES: 06 Available: 03

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