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MINES RAID - Mars Edition, will be held on January 27 and 28 inRIOTINTO MINES, Huelva with the unconditional support of del Hon. City hall de Minas de Riotinto. They have given us logistical and financial support, for which we are very grateful.

OurOfficial sponsoris the KTM Seville DealerTRT MOTORCYCLE TEAM, who provides all the logistics of the test. We appreciate all your support, the contribution of material: tents, mechanics, supplies, 4x4 truck and the transfer of motorcycles for exploration. There will be an official presentation in Seville, at the dealership itself, the date of which will be published soon.

MINES RAID is a NON-COMPETITIVE orienteering route. There is no time classification, for that you must look for federated tests or amateur rallies. Therefore, we ask the utmost respect for the rest of the participants who come to enjoy a route specially designed to enjoy nature, orienteering and riding the off-road motorcycle. If you do not agree with this concept, you can request your return before the indicated period.

The categories in which you can participate are 2:

-GPS/ENDURO.Intended for enduro motorcycles up to 530 cc. This category will have interspersed in the route, some enduro areas at different points of the track.

-GPS/TRAIL.For trail and maxitrail motorcycles with some technical areas.

-GPS/MAXITRAIL. Basically it will be the TRAIL route but without the more technical options.

- ROADBOOK (enduro and trail bikes). A roadbook edited by LYNDON POSKITT RACING and marked by Frederik Ghijselinck and Federico Gómez.

-RAID.A roadbook specially prepared to experience a rally simulation with the RALLYCOMP satellite system. Validation of waypoints, hidden waypoints, oblics, and all the elements that are included in a rally/raid.

In this 1st edition we chose the spectacular area of the MINING REGION of Huelva, a paradise for off-road motorcycles. 

Thelogistics basewill be located in theMINAS DE RIOTINTO MUNICIPAL SPORTS CENTER. The night from Friday to Saturday the motorcycles can stay in the pavilion.

The arrival time limit will have a wide margin and will be the same for all categories, since it is in no way a competitive test. Regularity, perseverance and navigation skills will be your tactics to complete the tour and enjoy the landscapes that you will travel. The broom car will mark the times, which will have a lot of margin, since the only objective is that the night does not catch you in the field. 

If you are out of time at any of the checkpoints, you will be off the route and without assistance, therefore you must return to the PADDOCK.

You must attend the general briefing, which will take place at 7:30 in the morning on Saturday the 29th, to be aware of all the latest information and regulations.Not attending does not exclude you from compliance with the participation rules of the regulation.

The teams will be formed, in the GPS category, by a minimum of 2 pilots and a maximum of 3. The ROADBOOK category pilots will have to participate individually, which does not exclude that they can be grouped during the route (maximum 4 pilots).

To avoid crowds at the  exit, each participant will receive an email indicating their departure time. This schedule can be modified according to the criteria of the organization, therefore last-minute instructions may be given in the briefing that modify the departure time or any other aspect not contemplated in the published regulations.

Those people who intend to do the route illegally will be exposed to controls by the organization and even by Seprona at points where authorization is required to circulate. Although the field belongs to everyone, in this event there are many hours of work for the organization, with volunteers who participate selflessly so that everything goes perfectly. So,It will be ESSENTIAL that you wear the MINAS RAID number on the front of your motorcycle.

Do not forget to go well equipped, it is a very isolated area and it will probably be cold. Bring your raincoat, thermal clothing, camelback, and even a thermal blanket.

There is health care that will treat you in the event of an accident and you will be transferred to the road where a medicalized ambulance will be waiting.

En route there will be several 0 motorcycles opening and closing the route, one of them is a mechanic, but you must be autonomous for common breakdowns on the route. Waiting for assistance can mean hours of waiting, keep in mind that priority must be given in case of several simultaneous INCIDENTS.

At an INTERMEDIATE POINT of the route you will find the TRT assistance and provisioning tent, where you will have basic mechanical assistance and energy bars, fruit, water or isotonic drinks. It will also have spare material at special prices for the participants and free labor, but it will depend on the degree of complexity of your fault, whether or not it is feasible to repair your motorcycle on site.

The speed limits will be clearly established and exceeding them will AUTOMATICALLY mean exclusion from the route. The beacon records and instantly uploads the data to the server, so the organization will have real-time knowledge.

The previous Friday, during the verifications, an area for shop stands and everything related to the motorcycle world will be set up in the paddock. Interested companies or organizers should contact the organization


The GPS category consists of a common ring in which there are some variations or tracks added depending on the modality chosen.

The GPS/ENDURO category is only suitable for enduro motorcycles and the maximum displacement allowed is 530 cc. Therefore, motorcycles such as the KTM 690 or the Husqvarna 701 will not enter this category. On this track you will find alternate enduro zones during the route, and you will not have the option of bypassing them.

In TRAIL mode, enduro, trail and maxitrail motorcycles can participate. The route will be very similar to the ENDURO, with technical zones but without the enduro zones.

In MAXITRAIL mode, enduro, trail and maxitrail motorcycles can participate. The route will be similar to the TRAIL but without the more complex technical areas.

Participants must complete a circular route with the only help of the track provided by the organization. They will have to verify the passage through all the mandatory passage controls established on the route, without being able to use shortcuts or alternative routes. Each participant must bring a GPS or phone with specific software. The recording of the route will be recorded in the beacon.

In the ROADBOOK category, all enduro, trail and maxitrail motorcycles with a displacement greater than 124 cc will be eligible. Participants must complete a circular route with the only help of the road book provided by the organization. They will have to verify the passage through all the mandatory passage controls established on the route, without being able to use shortcuts or alternative routes. Each participant must carry a GPS in which no map can be stored. The recording of the route will be recorded in the beacon.

Do not forget that we will use theFIA ROAD BOOK LEXICON


- CategoryGPS: --- km.

- CategoryROADBOOK: --- km.


- CategoryGPS: --- km.

- CategoryROADBOOK: --- km.

It is not allowed, under any circumstances, carry bottles, jugs or fuel tanks on the motorcycle that are not specific for it, therefore plastic bottles and jugs, etc. are excluded. If you need additional fuel to get to the TRT tent, refueling point, you can leavebottles in perfect condition (without leaks) with a maximum capacity of 5 liters in one of the assistance 4x4s, located at a strategic point that will be indicated in the briefing and at a waypoint on the track. The organization will verify that your motorcycle really needs additional fuel to reach the CARPA TRT.

GPS ENDURO teams will be made up of 2-3 riders. They must be autonomous to resolve regular incidents en route and all motorcycles must have a GPS/mobile phone (at least 1 GPS and 1 phone in teams of 2 and 1 GPS and 2 phones in teams of 3). The rest of the participants will go individually.

TheTRT carpmechanical assistance and supplies will be installed at an intermediate point.


In the checks on Friday, we will check that your motorcycle is prepared for an off-road route and adapted to traffic legislation, not allowing free exhausts or other modifications or circumstances that the organization considers dangerous (towing kits in poor condition, worn tires, etc.). etc.).


Participants in the ENDURO category will carry one beacon per team. The rest of the participants will carry a beacon each.


All pilots must be equipped with specific off-road clothing, so road or trekking boots will not be accepted. It must also be protected, at least, in the usual areas of the back, shoulders, elbows and knees. Road helmets are not allowed either, only specific models for trail or enduro.

All motorcycles must be equipped with knobby tires. Worn tires (with studs or not), mixed, or road are not allowed.

If the organization checks at the starting gate that the motorcycle and rider are not properly equipped, the rider will not be able to start.


The installation of updated maps in the gps is recommended. The free options that contain complete and detailed information are 2:
- OSM (Open Street Maps): (recommended)

The base will be located in the MUNICIPAL SPORTS CENTER of MINAS de RIOTINTO. 
A camping area with bathrooms and showers will be enabled.


- From 6:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.: Verifications in the paddock, located in the Fairgrounds. Collection of bib number, roadbook and beacon.


- 7:30 a.m. Briefing

- 8:00 a.m. Starting starts at 30 second intervals.



Deadline for cancellations January 1

After this period the amount will not be refunded, however the place may be occupied by another person up to a week before.


To consult techniques and doubts about the raid or installation of maps you must write to the NO WHATSAPP


Both the tracks (gpx format) and the roadbooks will be sent on Thursday the 27th or delivered on Friday the 28th of October during verifications. You can request the roadbook in PDF format if you are going to use an electronic reader, contact us. 



All participants will carry a TeamTrack beacon that will record the route and automatically upload it to the server, so it will only be necessary to deliver it at the end of the route. In the exemption document that you will sign when collecting the documentation in the verifications, there is a specific paragraph in which it is specified that you are responsible for the loss or damage of the beacon. TEAMTRACK beacons are highly resistant and must be correctly positioned following the instructions you will receive during verifications.


VERIFICATIONS(will be strictly applied)

  • Free escapes are not allowed.

  • Your vehicle must have the documentation in order and the current ITV.

  • It is mandatory to wear the bib number (25x16 cm) visible on the front of the motorcycle.

  • It is mandatory to have roadside assistance insurance.

  • It is mandatory to be properly equipped (see EQUIPMENT section).

  • Each rider must carry a GPS in the GPS category and a ROADBOOK HOLDER plus a GPS in the ROADBOOK category on his motorcycle (see EQUIPMENT section).



ROADBOOK €85 / GPS €75 / RAID €200

It includes:

  • Dorsal Mines Raid

  • TeamTrack Beacon

  • official dinner

  • Mechanical assistance and provisioning in TRT tent

  • Healthcare 4x4 FRS Emergencies

  • Roadbook and tracks of the route (according to category)

  • Assistance and Rescue Insurance (including helicopter)

  • Liability insurance

  • Finisher's Medal



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