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LOST TRACKS of Morocco

And what is the plan?

You and your maxitrail… You already have experience and want to go up one more step… You will need resistance and concentration.

Intense stages, in autonomy ... Because what matters to us is to learn, without haste, facing each problem.

Despite having a planned itinerary, we will stop where we please, because we will be equipped with everything we need.

If there is a hotel, a hotel. If there is a jaima,a jaima. If there is a dune ... a dune. And if we are tired, we camp. The philosophy of the trip is to learn and enjoy, not without effort.

We will try to convey to you everything that the desert has taught us ...

The route: the oases of the Anti Atlas, the sandy rivers of Mhamid, Ramlia, Ouzina ... And if we overcome all this, what can we resist?


October 31 - November 6. 2 places available

Technical level: medium / high

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