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( August - September 2021)

Surrounded by seas to the east, west and south; the Adriatic, the Ionian, the Aegean, the Marmara and the Black; Limited to the north by the Danube and separated from Asia by the Straits of the Dardanelles and the Bosphorus, the Balkan Peninsula also has a convulsive and dense history that configures a varied and strong character.

Bikers, additionally, are in luck, because in addition to being full of national parks , it contains two of the most spectacular routes that can be done by motorcycle on planet Earth, the Transfăgărășan and the Transalpina .

We propose a trip to the interior of the Balkans, showing you some of the areas that reveal the true character of each place we visit. We are going to explore Albania, North Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Montenegro, previously crossing the Mediterranean, Tyrrhenian and Adriatic seas by ferry and fleetingly crossing Italy by motorcycle ... But always from our point of view , the one that marks our trips and that gives you the real identity of the countries we pass through, avoiding, as far as possible, the most touristy places. Obviously we cannot ignore Dubrovnik or Mostar, but we will travel inland looking for castles and monasteries, villages, mountains and rivers.


- Day 1: Ferry to Civitavecchia

- Day 2: Civitavecchia - Bari

- Day 3: Ferry to Durrës

- Day 4: Durrës - Skopje

- Day 5: Skopje - Sofia

- Day 6: Sofia - Bucharest

- Day 7: Bucharest - Sibiu (Transfăgărășan)

- Day 8: Sibiu (rest)

- Day 9: Sibiu - Drobeta-Turnu Severin (Transalpina)

- Day 10: Drobeta-Turnu Severin - Belgrade

- Day 11: Belgrade - Sarajevo

- Day 12: Sarajevo - Budva

- Day 13: Budva - Tirana

- Day 14: Ferry to Bari

- Day 15: Bari - Civitavecchia

- Day 16: Ferry to Barcelona

PRICE: € 2,650 (accompanying price: € 2,400 / individual supplement: € 600)

It includes:

- 12 hotel nights in HB plus 4 nights by ferry

- Roundtrip ferry tickets

- Motorcycle guide

- Assistance and luggage transport van

- Travel insurance with cancellation

- Journey notebook

- FOSIL Expedition Services T-shirt

Maximum places : 15 (minimum places 10)

Available: 11

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